Welcome to The Plastic Depot

You may be wondering what we do.
Well, we are a B2B platform designed specially to ease good quality plastic packaging trading at low cost. 

We save you research time. We market, on behalf of manufacturers, and advertise only the highest quality products that are fully compliant for your industry.

If you want to increase your company’s productivity we can help by performing distribution and logistics of your packaging, so you can concentrate on more important matters.

As already said, we also help you save money. Trust us! We offer the best prices. 


Our Team Members Our team is composed from a broad specialist on their fields; however, they are cool, not conceited. From lawyers to former McLaren sales manager our team experience and willingness to achieve what is better for both our company and recuring clients, make us believe that we are, indeed, a dream team. Do not hesitate on reaching us as we will be more than happy to find cost effective solutions to whatever your needs are.

Néstor E. Garza


Jerry Delgadillo


George A. Acosta

Chief Sales Officer

Andrea Ortiz

Chief Marketing Officer

Take your business to the next level One of our cost effective solutions is that we offer, besides the product directly from manufacturer, logistics and, in case is needed, customs clearance solutions so when you buy your supply you don’t waste your time dealing with that, you just put your money to work harder than ever. It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur or a well stablished business, a wide supply and solutions will be available due our strong relations with best manufacturer in North America, That is right, don’t wait 2 months till you get your product from China and get all stressed with tariffs and reliance on a doubtful supplier, get it in a matter of weeks or days, get it from us!