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16 Oz. HDPE Boston Round Bottle

  • 16 oz natural HDPE Clear Bottle
  • Lightweight, durable, multipurpose
  • Cap Size: 28/410  (sold separately)

2 Oz. Natural HDPE Squared bottle

- Specialized bottle, made from durable high density polyethylene (HDPE). - Cap is not included. Cap size: 24-400 - Weight: 8.75gr

28/410 PP Trigger Spray

  • 28/410
  • Polypropylene Trigger Spray

30 Oz. LDPE alcohol bottle

  • 30 oz Clear LDPE Plastic alcohol Bottle
  • Cap Size: 28 -410 mm (sold separately)

Sanitary Boots

MOQ: 300 pairs Sanitary boot Anti electric Nonslip

Sanitary Capped Boots

MOQ: 300 pairs Sanitary boot Anti electric Non slip With protective Cap

Steel Buckle

Steel buckle for Strip


The mission of it is to gather, secure, lift, and lash heavy loads. It's made for industrial packaging, suitable to withstand very high levels of resistance.

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